Global Holistic Wealth Day 2024

On Global Holistic Wealth Day, do at least one thing to enrich your holistic wealth bank account --Keisha Blair, Founder of Global Holistic Wealth Day.

9 April 2024 around the world

Global Holistic Wealth Day :

What Is Global Holistic Wealth Day!

Global Holistic Wealth Day is celebrated annually on April 9th to promote holistic wealth principles and practices worldwide. This day is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of integrating financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being to achieve true wealth and prosperity.

Our Mission is to play a critical role in advancing holistic wealth across the globe by empowering individuals to achieve holistic wealth in their lives, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.

On Global Holistic Wealth Day, take a moment to engage in an activity that nurtures your holistic well-being. Whether it's dedicating time for meditation to enhance your mental and spiritual wellness, going for a walk or engaging in exercise to boost your physical health, or even setting aside time to review your financial goals and plan for the future, prioritize an action that contributes to your overall well-being.

Once you've engaged in an activity that supports your holistic wellness, share your experience on social media using the hashtag #globalholisticwealthday. 

Keisha Blair

Founder Global Holistic Wealth Day

Keisha Blair, Mother Of Holistic Wealth

Keisha Blair, renowned as the Mother of the Holistic Wealth concept, has transformed the way we perceive wealth beyond mere financial success. Her innovative approach emphasizes a life rich in purpose, health, meaningful work, and deep connections, advocating for a balance that nurtures mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being alongside financial stability.

As the founder of the Holistic Wealth movement, Blair's mission extends globally, aiming to share her empowering message with people across all walks of life. Her dedication to promoting a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of wealth has not only marked April 9th as a day of global significance but also inspired many to pursue a more balanced, purposeful life.

In aligning with Blair's principles, we're invited to redefine success and prosperity, joining a worldwide movement towards holistic well-being that promises a richer, more fulfilling life for ourselves and future generations.

Meet Our Global Holistic Wealth Day Ambassadors!

The Ambassador for Global Holistic Wealth Day plays a key role in promoting a comprehensive view of wealth that includes emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being alongside financial stability. Tasked with spreading Keisha Blair's vision of holistic wealth globally, they lead initiatives to inspire and encourage people to live more balanced and purposeful lives, embodying the true essence of holistic wealth.

Revolutionizing society by addressing the issue of women, unpaid domestic work and childcare.

United States Of America

Eve Rodsky

A fully licensed Associate Consultant at Doyle & Associates, specializing in marketing and business development.


Paige Brettle

CEO and Founder of NuSpecies

United States Of America

Aston Farquharson

CEO, Factory Cooperation of Jamaica


Dr. Donald Farquharson

Event Info Schedule

Join us for a transformative experience at the Global Holistic Wealth Day event! Discover a holistic approach to wealth that goes beyond finances, encompassing well-being, purpose, and prosperity in every aspect of life.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your wealth and well-being on a global scale. 

FROM 5:00 to 7:00

MLT Aikins LLP Building

Global Holistic Wealth Day Workshop

Attendees will gain actionable insights to thrive in all aspects of life, redefining wealth to encompass balance, purpose, and prosperity.

FROM 1:00 TO 04:30

Indigo Barrhaven

Keisha Blair's Book Signing

Join us for Keisha Blair's Book Signing event! Keisha will be signing copies of her latest book, offering an exclusive opportunity to engage with her inspiring insights firsthand. 

Starting @ 12 noon

Every Monday

The Holistic Wealth Podcast with Keisha Blair

Join Keisha as she explores the intersection of wealth, well-being, and success through insightful interviews and discussions with thought leaders and experts.

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Dear Potential Sponsors,
Global Holistic Wealth Day offers a unique opportunity for sponsors to reach a global audience passionate about holistic well-being and personal development. Join us in celebrating Global Holistic Wealth Week/Day and showcase your brand to a diverse and engaged audience. Contact us today to discuss sponsorship opportunities and become a partner in promoting holistic wealth worldwide.

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Help Us Spread Awareness About Global Holistic Wealth

Global Holistic Wealth Day reaches millions of individuals worldwide, with over 25 countries participating in events and activities.

Global Reach:

Global Holistic Wealth Week/Day reaches millions of individuals worldwide, with over 25 countries participating in events and activities.

Networking Opportunities:

Sponsors will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders, influencers, and like-minded individuals at Global Holistic Wealth Day events.

Brand Alignment:

​Sponsoring Global Holistic Wealth Week/Day demonstrates your commitment to holistic well-being and aligns your brand with a meaningful cause.

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Logo placement on all promotional materials, including website, social media, and event signage.

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​Showcase your products or services to a global audience through targeted marketing initiatives.

​Engaged Audience:

Engaged Audience: Our audience is highly engaged, with a strong interest in personal development, health, financial wellness, and holistic living.​​

Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities:

Opportunities to sponsor key events and activities during Global Holistic Wealth Day, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.

Media Exposure:

Sponsors will benefit from extensive media coverage & publicity, including press releases, social media promotion, podcast features (holistic wealth podcast) & feature articles.

The History of Holistic Wealth

The History of Holistic Wealth

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